What is NEDS

Network of Swiss Development Documentation Centres

The Network of Swiss Development Documentation Centres (NEDS) was created in the 1980s to pursue the following objectives:

  • share professional  and technical knowledge and expertise
  • develop/ enhance synergy among its members
  • improve public access to information and documents  in the area of development cooperation

NEDS includes the 20 most important Swiss information centres specialized in international development cooperation issues. Its members meet twice a year.

The members may belong to universities, government agencies, e.g. the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), or other organization types (aid agencies, missions, foundations etc.).

NEDS and its members are also connected to other development cooperation networks:

 - IVEP (Informationsverbund Entwicklungspolitik)

- RITIMO (Network of French Information Centres for Third Wold & Development issues)

- EADI – IMWG (European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes, - Information Management Working Group)